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Silicone handlesPerfect grip and optimized shape and handling

Silicone handles offer an alternative to conventional plastic handles and are available in different shapes and colors, including two-tone versions. These handles are available in both non-cannulated and cannulated versions and can be fitted with or without an impact cap as required. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition, silicone handles can be completely steam sterilized.

Available handle types

Single-colored and two-colored silicone handles

Proven handle design
High-quality, brushed stainless steel
Soft-touch silicone

injection-molded without gaps - no contamination


Handle area for customization with your own logo or text

RAL color palette
RAL 1016
sulfur yellow
RAL 1006
maize yellow
RAL 2004
pure orange
RAL 3000
flame red
RAL 6010
grass green
RAL 5015
sky blue
RAL 5002
ultramarine blue
RAL 5010
gentian blue
RAL 7031
blue gray
RAL 9005
jet black
RAL 4008
signal violet
RAL 3001
signal red
RAL 1107077
neon green
RAL 7036
Stainless steel

Connection and coupling systemsIntegrated torque limiter available

With our patented, integrated torque limiter, the torque limiter is integrated directly into the handle. This enables a compact design of the entire tool and easy handling. Integrated torque limiters are compatible with our ratchets and clutches and allow torques between 0.2 – 12 Nm / 1.77 – 106.20 in-lb.


Ratchets enable ergonomic turning,
for example screws and bolts.
Our ratchets are economical and feature
is characterized by its compact design.
The ratchet mechanism is smoothly toothed
and can be used with all our clutches,
torque limiters and silicone handles.

Coupling systems

We supply coupling systems for all common
connection systems on the medical device market.