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We develop, optimize and manufacture a variety of spinal implants and instruments (e.g. pedicle screws, retractors, distraction forceps, compression forceps, cages (PEEK and titanium), trial cages, rasps, curettes, flat chisels and gouges, cutting spoons, dissectors, raspatories, impactors, spinal retractors (with/without cold light holders), bone levers, nerve root hooks).


We develop and manufacture a comprehensive portfolio for both internal and external fixation in the area of traumatology. Whether minor or major fragments are involved, we provide the know-how required to create instruments, implants and complete set configurations, from the initial idea to complete manufacture.


Sophisticated & economical product solutions in traumatology: we develop according to customer requirements and manufacture an extensive portfolio for internal and external fixation. Whether small or large fragments, we offer the know-how with materials such as stainless steel, titanium, peek from the initial idea to the production of instruments and implants as well as complete set configurations.

Silicone handles

Silicone handles offer an alternative to conventional plastic handles and are available in different shapes and colors, including two-tone versions. We also offer connection and coupling systems for the handles.