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Contract Manufacturer

We are contract manufacturers and development partners for superior-quality instruments and implants in the areas of spinal surgery, orthopaedics and traumatology.

We also provide our customers with complex, customizable set configurations PLIF/TLIF Spine sets complete with trays for instruments and implants.

Medical products of the highest quality

We have been developing and producing medical products of the highest quality since 1954. Employing the latest development and production technology and drawing on many years of experience, we are assisted in our endeavours by excellently trained specialists and engineers.


Product overview


Development, optimizing and production of high quality products such as implants ranging from cervical to lumbar, made from widely diverse materials, and a broad variety of different instruments which, regardless of the indication involved, are available in options ranging from an individual instrument or complete set solution (with or without silicone handles) to a product provided in sterile packaging, including the documentation required by regulations.


Innovative solutions for every joint region (e.g. hip, knee and foot). We provide instruments and complete set configurations in this area. Specified requirements are compiled and recorded in close cooperation with our customers, and then implemented as a high-grade medical product by our qualified specialists.


We develop and manufacture a comprehensive portfolio for both internal and external fixation in the area of traumatology. Whether minor or major fragments are involved, we provide the know-how required to create instruments, implants and complete set configurations, from the initial idea to complete manufacture.